Vlahotiri is a sheep’s milk cheese from Greece. It is related to Kefalograviera and Kefalotiri, though slightly less salty than either of those (which I also regularly carry, if you fall in love with the Vlahotiri). It is a new cheese to Canada (and possibly in general—there’s not a great deal of information about it), and I am pleased to share it with you. Cheesemaking is a very ancient art in Greece, mentioned in the Odyssey (if I recall correctly, it’s one of the arts of the Phaiacians, the people to whom Odysseus tells most of his adventures), and said to be the gift of Aristaios, one of the sons of Apollo. Some people say that there is more cheese consumed per capita in Greece than anywhere else in the world.

Vlahotiri would go nicely with a sparkling white or some of the brandy you use to flambé it, if you should choose that route.



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