Seaside Sheep Cheddar

Seaside Sheep Cheddar

Oldfields Dairy, Oyster Bed, PEI

We’ve had a number of Oldfields Dairy’s offerings over the last year. This month I have a limited-edition sheep’s milk cheddar for you—limited edition because the shepherd is Gabriel Mercier of Isle St Jean Farm, and he is now using his sheep milk for his delectable yoghurt and Alexis Doiron cheese. Oldfields Dairy usually use their own goats’ milk for their cheeses (and soap!), so this is a special cheese indeed.

The Seaside Sheep Cheddar is a mild cheddar (aged under a year), with a clean taste with hints of lanolin. Try it with a local beer—I reckon Upstreet’s Rhuby Social would go nicely—or with a white wine or lighter red, such as a Rioja or a Sauvignon Blanc.



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