Tiger Blue

Tiger Blue

Poplar Grove Cheese, Penticton, British Colombia

Poplar Grove Cheese, located at the same site as Lock & Worth Winery, was created in 2002 to be a partner to the wines of the Okanagan—for what better pairing could there be than the local wine with the local cheese? They use pasteurized cow milk sourced from a dairy in Sicamous to create their small-batch cheeses. They currently make four types of cheese, of which Tiger Blue is their blue.

Tiger Blue is a veined blue (like Stilton or Shropshire Blue), with a strong bite and a slightly salty taste. Rich and intense are two words the maker uses to describe it.

Try it, obviously, with an Okanagan wine. As a strong blue I would go for a full-bodied red like a Shiraz or a Baco Noir. You could also try a dessert wine or a sweeter rosé; dryer wines will bring out a more metallic flavour. Most blues pair very well with fruit. We don’t get the Okanagan peaches here, but the Ontario ones should be coming soon …